Students dress for Indian Call Spirit Days


From Monday, Feb. 1 through Friday, Feb. 5, students participated in the Indian Call Spirit Days.

During the first day, students could dress up in Valentine’s Day colors, such as red, pink and purple. Seniors won, followed by juniors, sophomores and freshmen.

Tuesday was Hush Day. During Hush Day, students with the last names of A-L who wanted to participate had a heart pinned to their shirts until PRIDE Time. The students with a heart were not allowed to talk to anyone without a heart about anything other than school. If they did talk to them, they would lose their heart. The people without a heart wanted to gather as many hearts as they could. The class with the most hearts would leave at the first bell and so on. The senior class won, followed by the freshmen, juniors and sophomores.

On Wednesday, it was Time Travel Day, in which students dressed up from the past or future. Students could dress like they did in their childhood, dress like they would in their future or just dress in clothes from their favorite decade. The class winnings were as follows: seniors, sophomores, juniors and freshmen.

Thursday was Denim Day, in which students dressed in all denim – from jeans, jean jackets, denim shirts and even denim masks.

“[My favorite was] Denim Day because I didn’t have to do much; I just wore my jeans,” junior Aidan DeBey said.

The seniors won, with juniors, freshmen and sophomores following.

On Friday, it was Dress-Up Day. Students dressed up, watched the candidate showcase before school dismissed and perhaps attended the crowning that night.

“My favorite Spirit Day is Dress-Up Day because it’s fun to see students dressed up who don’t normally dress up,” freshman Hannah Klein said.

The freshmen participated in Dress-Up Day the most, followed by the sophomores, juniors and seniors.