Leadership Team meets with freshmen to discuss grades and attendance


Brenna Schwien

Junior Ashlynn Flax talks to her group of freshmen about why their grades and attendance rates matter during the meeting on Nov. 18.

During the week of Nov. 16-20, the Leadership Team met twice, once without the freshmen and once with them.

On Tues. Nov. 17, the Leadership Team members met to discuss how to prepare for the event with the freshmen on Nov. 18.

On Nov. 18, they talked to the freshman about how grade point averages (GPAs) worked, how to set goals, why their grades matter, how attendance impacts them and much more.

“Even though I know these freshmen have heard this information a million times, I think it’s really important for us to try to connect with them, student-to-student, and help them understand how important these things are,” senior McKena McBride said.

The Leadership Team will meet in December to host a question-and-answer session for the freshmen, where the senior members of the Leadership Team will answer any questions they have.