Athletic teams face fundraising changes


Hays High Indian Volleyball Fundraiser card.

Due to COVID-19, almost every Hays High activity has had to adapt to changes in the first few months of the school year. Another of these changes that affects athletic teams is in their fundraising efforts.

A recent fundraiser that had to change was the wrestling team’s sale of bierocks. In past years, bierocks, bratwurst and drinks were sold during the Fort Hays State University Oktoberfest. However, with the Oktoberfest celebration in Frontier Park being cancelled this year because of COVID, the wrestling team had to adapt their fundraiser.

Bierocks are now being sold for $5 each or $50 a dozen from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Hays Art Council or by emailing wrestling coach Heath Meder. Orders have been taken and delivered by the team.

“We didn’t raise as much this year as last year,” Meder said. “We were still pretty successful in selling everything and making some money.”

The money raised will fund expenses, such as tournament fees, hotel rooms and supplies like mat tape and cleaners.

Like wrestling, cheerleading also has held fundraisers this year, selling frozen goods and candles. Cheerleading went through a new company called Red Wheel.

“I would say our funds were comparable to what we brought in in past years,” head cheerleading coach Mackenzie Justice said.

The fundraiser went toward each individual’s costs for the year and covered items, such as bows, shoes, T-shirts, hoodies and warmups.

“We really didn’t have a decrease or increase, and since this fundraiser went directly to each individual athlete, the only change it would’ve made for them was decreasing the amount they owe,” Justice said. “This was the first time we had ever gone through this company before, and it sold well!”

Each year, the football team sells discount cards that can be used at businesses in and around Hays. This year, the team members sold these cards for $20 each. The volleyball team also had multiple fundraisers, including selling apparel and masks and selling discount cards. Last year, discount cards were the only item sold, and the card varied from the one sold this season.

“I was told by the admin [administration] that the volleyball team fundraised the most they ever have this season,” head volleyball coach Shannon Funk said.

The money raised by the team will be used to purchase team apparel, training equipment and food for the team while on trips.

“This season, the girls worked very hard and did well on the fundraisers,” Funk said. “We were able to purchase more apparel and a few nice items for the players due to the extra funds.”