Students excited for upcoming Indian Call activities


Indian Call Candidates pose for a photo downtown. Indian Call King and Queen will be crowned at the basketball game on Feb. 21.

Students should clear their schedules on Feb. 22, because the annual Hays High Indian Call dance is around the corner.

Indian Call will be held in Gym A, starting at 8 p.m. and ending at 10:30 p.m. The theme for the dance will be “Come Together,” centered around the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Tickets will be sold a week in advance in the entrance to the cafeteria, or they can also be bought at the door. All the money from ticket sales go to Student Council, so they can put on more activities for the student body.

“I’m most excited for the dance part of Indian Call,” freshman Hannah Eikenberry said. “I’ve always loved having fun with my friends at school dances, and I can definitely get down to the ‘Copperhead Road.’”

Although StuCo has made changes, such as adding food and perhaps game this year, the dance has been a Hays High tradition for more than 30 years

“My favorite memory from Indian Call was the big hair,” instructor Jennifer Klaus, a 1990 Indian Call attendee, said. “It took me an hour and a can of Aqua Net to tease my hair to improbable heights to go enjoy the totally rad music and a very crowded dance floor with all my friends.”

Students will participate in dress up days throughout the week.

Feb. 18 will be Neon/Tie Dye day.

Feb. 19 will be Hippie/Disco day.

Feb. 20 will be Biker/Beacher day.

Feb. 21 will be Dress Up day.

In addition to all the activities, voting for Indian Call candidates and royalty occur each year.

Seniors selected the following for candidates this year: seniors Dawson Armstrong, Taivian Creamer, Tucker Johnson, Lucas Pfannenstiel, Da’Vontai Robinson and Isaac Smith for king candidates and Macee Altman, Moriah DeBey, Lynsie Hansen, Kaylor Meyers, Jenna Miller and Tasiah Nunnery for queen candidates.

Then, StuCo will send out a video to watch in PRIDE Time, and the entire student body will vote on a winner before the dance.

“I am very honored to be an Indian Call candidate,” Altman said. “I feel so lucky to be chosen by my peers.”