KSN anchor Emily Younger discusses her career in newscasting


KSN anchor Emily Younger presents to students during PRIDE Time about her career in newscasting. Younger is 2009 Hays High graduate.

KSN anchor and 2009 graduate Emily Younger presented to students during PRIDE Time on Nov. 11 about her career in newscasting.
Younger’s interest in newscasting started when she was in elementary school at O’Loughlin Elementary School.
“I was in fifth grade, and we got to say the lunch menu every day over the intercom or on TV and show the lost and found,” Younger said. “One time, a red ball was lost, and I got to describe it, and it was in that moment that I was like, ‘I want to do this for the rest of my life.’”
Younger attended the University of Nebraska in Lincoln and then was offered a job working for an Albuquerque, N.M., news station, but was based in Roswell, N.M.
“At 21, I had to rent a three-bedroom house in the best part of town that I could that I couldn’t afford, but it was the only place I would be safe,” Younger said.
After working in Roswell, Younger was promoted and started working in the Albuquerque office.
“You have to climb the ladder, and I’m very fortunate to have climbed it much faster than normal,” Younger said.
While the career can be trying at times, there are openings in the field.
“Right now, there are a lot of job opportunities, but you need to be willing to go anywhere, work the bad hours and not get paid a lot,” Younger.
Despite the setbacks, Younger recommends students pursue a career in journalism and newscasting if they have an interest.
“I absolutely love what I do,” Younger said. “I will say, you have to be prepared for change. This career is not the same as it was even just five years ago. With the invention of social media our careers are just different now, but if you love telling stories, you love talking to people, and you love being in-the-know, this is the career for you.”