Actor Adrian Rifat gives advice to aspiring actors during PRIDE Time on Nov. 6


Actor Adrian RIfat talks to students about his career during PRIDE TIme on Nov. 7. Rifat gave advice to students wanting to go into the acting business. Rifat has lived in New York for the last 11 years.

Actor and choreographer Adrian Rifat spoke with students during PRIDE Time on Nov. 6 and shared his experiences working in the acting industry.  

Rifat started in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Los Angeles but did not like the program, so he transferred to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, which is a conservatory. 

“The conservatory program was at the pace that I wanted to learn, which is really fast and really intense,” Rifat said.  “Since the conservatory was in New York, it helped me transition into the city. Some programs work for people, some programs don’t and the BFA program was just a little spaced out for me.  

Rifat’s biggest piece of advice for aspiring actors is to make sure money is not a priority.  

“Don’t look for the money,” Rifat said. “Honestly, there’s no money in theater.” 

Rifat recommends actors have a “survival gig,” a job that will pay the bills when acting jobs are few and far between.  Rifat’s “survival gig” is coatchecking at the Museum of Modern Art. 

Rifat also cautions actors to make sure they do not get taken advantage of when they first start.  

“You’re going to feel like ‘I need to expand my resume!  I need to update it! I need to fill it!’, but a lot of people will exploit you for that,” Rifat said. “They will work you to the ground for the opportunity you’re being offered.” 

When not checking coats at the MOMA or working on his acting career, Rifat writes and illustrates and is currently working on a graphic novel. 

“Invest in other parts of your creativity to feed your soul,” Rifat said. “Write, direct, illustrate, go to a cabaret and sing, do karaoke, whatever feeds your soul, do that.”