Students display art work at exhibit


Brittani Park

Seniors Mollie Hoar and Taysia McCoy view the work displayed in a booth from one of the attending schools. Many art students contributed to the Hays High School art booth.

Students had the opportunity to showcase their art at the art show at Fort Hays State University on April 17.

Only 26 students attended the actual show, but many art students exhibited their work at the show.

Juniors and seniors had places reserved to attend the show, but several underclassmen were also selected to attend this show.

“We want them to be very involved in the art department,” instructor Heath Meder said. “If they give a lot to the program itself, they are at the top of the list.

Meder said they decide who attends by the amount of effort expressed.

“I think the art show went really well,” Meder said. “I know I am partial, but I really did believe we had some of the best stuff there with some of the most talented students. I think we were very successful in that aspect.”