Students participate in StuCo Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt during seminar on April 17


Alicia Feyerherm

Student circle around the prize table in the outdoor classroom. Students took the slips of paper found in each of the eggs to the table to claim their prizes.

Alicia Feyerherm

Over 50 students participated in an Easter Egg scavenger hunt in the outdoor classroom during seminar on April 17. The scavenger hunt was a fundraiser for StuCo.

“We decided to do an Easter Egg hunt because we thought it would be a great way to get people out and moving during the school day,” StuCo Vice President Shyann Schumacher said.

Students searched for eggs and within each egg was a slip of paper saying what prize the student won. Students then took those slips to a table in the middle of the outdoor classroom to redeem those prizes.

The prizes ranged in value, from IHOP gift cards to wireless headphones to less expensive items, like stickers and candy.

Participants enjoyed getting out of school and hanging out with their friends for that seminar period.

Even though sophomore Eliana Buller didn’t win any of the big prizes, she’s glad she participated.

“I decided to participate because I had friends doing it and it sounded fun,” Buller said.

Sophomore Cristina Leos also enjoyed the hunt.

“It was honestly really fun,” Leos said. “I won a giant pencil, pop, Hershey’s bar, Nerds, and just some stickers and little candies.”