FFA holds labor auction


courtesy photo

FFA students stand in front of the crowd waiting to be bought.

FFA held a labor auction on Saturday, Mar. 2 to help raise scholarship money for seniors Connor Olson, Payton Selby, Alex Miller and Tanner Haselhorst.

At the labor auction students in FFA have their parents introduce them and then people can buy them to do work.

“For example, last year Mr. Straub bought me and a few other people and we had to paint the gyms,” sophomore Grace Redetzke said.

The buyer can have students do any task that they need done and the student doesn’t find out what they are doing until after they are bought.

“I have a feeling I’m going to be working with pigs this year because the person that bought me has a whole bunch of pigs,” Redetzke said.

This year over $10,000 were raised at the auction to go towards scholarship money for seniors in FFA.

“It was awesome, we had a lot of people come out and it was just a great time,” Redetzke said.