Red Cross Club hosts blood drive, encourages donations


Allison Hillebrand

Students were able to donate blood during the blood drive on March 7. Over 70 people attempted to donate.

The Red Cross Club hosted a blood drive on March 7 in Gym B.

The club has been working during recent weeks to encourage students and community members to sign up to donate.

This has been the second blood drive out of three planned this year.

“We usually do three a year,” co-sponsor Kayla Bell said. “This is technically our third year.”

Bell said they had taken the responsibility of the blood drives from student council.

“They had so many projects going on,” Bell said. “That is when we started the Red Cross Club.”

During the drive, two more donation beds were added to make the day run smoother.

“It went so much faster after the beds were added,” Bell said.

Over 70 people attempted to donate blood during the day.

Some people were not able to donate due to having been ineligible within the last year or current restrictions.

“Last one we had about 60 to 65 units collected,” co-sponsor Jayme Goetz said. “My goal is to hit 100 units in one blood drive.”

Students may also help by joining the Red Cross Club by contacting one of the sponsors or president Cori Isbell.

“One donation can save up to three lives,” Goetz said.