Leadership Team holds monthly meeting with freshmen


Junior Zoe Buffington encourages her group to create a good résumé. This is Buffington's first year with Leadership Team.

Leadership Team held their monthly freshmen meeting on Nov. 15 during seminar.

Freshmen were required to bring their computers, in order to access their Career Cruising profile.

After students completed their skills assessment and added short-term and long-term goals on the website on Nov. 9, the freshmen reviewed their results.

Having completed their skills, they were able to use the information to help fill out information for their résumé.

Student were also required to insert education, work and volunteer experience, references and anything they believed to benefit their chances of scholarships or jobs.

Counselor Troy Dale addressed the leadership team during their training on Nov. 13, before the freshmen meeting of the importance of this lesson.

“Sometimes they will ask the question, ‘why is this important?’” Dale said. “If they want good chances of getting a job, they will work for a good résumé.”