Students express love for Crocs

Crocs have started making a comeback, and several students wear them daily.

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Crocs have started making a comeback, and several students wear them daily.

If you walk down the hallway, chances are you will see at least five people wearing Crocs.

Crocs are shoes that were not very popular until recently, but now they are starting to make a comeback. They are popular for several reasons.

“I love Crocs because they are extremely comfortable, simple and cheaper than most footwear,” senior Savannah Schneider said. “I also like them because you can wear socks with them or not; it looks fine either way.”

Some students love Crocs so much that they have multiple pairs.

“I own four pairs of Crocs,” freshman Aaliyah Neuburger said. “I like them because they are comfortable and making a comeback.”

While several people enjoy wearing Crocs, many people also do not like Crocs and will not hesitate to share their opinions.

“I think people Croc shame because they have never tried them, and they do not understand how easy they are to slip on when you are lazy,” Schneider said. “With that, just remember the saying, ‘don’t knock it till you try it.’”

Other students may disapprove of Crocs, but that will not stop Croc supporters from wearing them to school.

“When people make fun of my Crocs, it just makes me laugh because they are missing out,” junior Tasiah Nunnery said.

“Everyone has mixed feelings about a lot of things, but people should for sure buy Crocs,” sophomore Brooklyn Schaffer said. “They last so long and their colors never dulls.”