Students sell lollipops as fundraiser for Ireland, Scotland trip


Allison Hillebrand

Junior Joanna Carillo sells a lollipop to raise funds for her trip to Ireland and Scotland. The trip will cost about $5,000.

In the upcoming summer of 2019, students from Hays High involved in the International Travel Club have the opportunity to visit Ireland and Scotland.

Students looking for funds to aide them in going on this trip have been selling lollipops for 50 cents, with 25 cents going to the student’s trip, and/or working in the concessions stand during previous volleyball games.

“Each person raises their own funds and the price of the trip is $5,000,” instructor Lora Gallegos-Haynes said. “The money pays for all airfare, two meals a day, all hotel and transportation fees, and any admission for castles, museums and the river cruise on Loch Ness. We are going to try to find the Loch Ness monster.”

The only thing not covered will be one meal and any souvenir the traveler decides to buy, Gallegos-Haynes said.

The Hays International Travel Club is not strictly for Hays High Students, but there are a multitude of students who will be attending.

“It is not a school sponsored event, so anyone can go,” Gallegos-Haynes said. “I do have a questionnaire, however, to make sure that anyone who does go is known by someone else.”

For students to be eligible to attend this trip, they must follow certain standards.

“We are going June 5 through June 17, a 13 day trip,” Gallegos-Haynes said. “It is a really fun time.”