Senior receives recognition at Spring Concert


Hanna Dannar

Junior Alexandria Hagerman and senior Trinity Callis performed in the orchestra's small group, as well as the full orchestra.

The spring concert was not only the last of the year, but the last high school concert for all of the seniors.

On May 8, seniors were recognized for the years and hard work they had put into the music programs, as well as senior Trinity Callis receiving an award from Orchestra Director Joan Crull.

“It was an honor,” Callis said. “Having 19 seniors in our class and seeing all of their hard work, I think they are all observing in their own ways. Orchestra was a big portion of my high school career and I can already tell I am going to miss it a lot.”

Crull told her students she had heard many compliments from other directors at the concert and she appreciated their hard work to learn the pieces.

Choir Director Johnny Matlock worked to put together a song and choreography with senior Tay Otte. In this song, choir members were given the opportunity to try out for solos.

The solos were given to two freshmen, Alisara Arial and Gabe McGuire.

“I was really proud of getting the solo for that piece,” Arial said. “Singing it was one of the highlights of my choir experience this year.”