KMEA competition participants receive ratings for performances


Spencer Wittkorn

After preparing for months, junior Carl Rorstrom was able to perform. Rorstrom received a I on his cello solo.

Students taking music classes were given the option to participate in the KMEA regional solo and ensemble competition.

Freshman Calista Isbell has participated in the event for the last three years, and received a I on her vocal solo.

“I am glad that I received a I, and very surprised too,” Isbell said. “I feel like I did not practice as much as I needed to.”

Isbell said contests are an obligation for her.

“It is fun, but it is very stressful,” Isbell said. “I have gone to contest since middle school when I moved to Hays.”

Participants may receive a rating of a I, II, III, IV, and V. A I is a nearly flawless performance, a V being a performance with numerous flaws.


I                            junior Garrett Cole

II                          senior Madison Karlin

II                          sophomore Kari Satomi

II                          sophomore Katelyn Engel

I                            freshman Alexis White

I                            junior Brett Bowles

I                            junior Cade Swayne

I                            freshman Caitlin Leiker

I                            senior Kayla Satomi

II                          senior Lucy Lin

III                         senior Kyra Polifka-Wilhelm

I                            freshman Calista Isbell

I                            senior Emily Ricke

I                            senior Eric Adams

I                            senior Erin Muirhead

III                         sophomore Marie-lyn Castaing

I                            senior Shelby Knoll

II                          freshman Alisara Arial

I                            senior Dawson Rooney

II                          freshman Eliana Buller

II                          senior Levi Smith

II                          junior Madison Lisman

II                          sophomore Sierra Adkins

II                          sophomore Nathan Leiker

II                          senior Ryan Will

II                          senior Ivy Walker

II                          junior Rebecca Anderson



I                            Bass Quartet (senior Eric Adams, senior Erin Adams, junior Calvin Duden, freshman Cami Moore)

I                            Mozart Quartet (freshman Tom Drabkin, freshman Ashley Vilaysing, freshman Alisara Arial, senior Skylar Weilert)

I                            Vivaldi Quartet (senior Trinity Callis, junior Alex Hagerman, senior Brendan Chapman, junior Carl Rorstrom)

I                            senior Eric Adams, bass

I                            senior Trinity Callis, violin

I                            freshman Tom Drabkin, violin

I                            junior Alex Hagerman, violin

I                            freshman Cami Moore, bass

I                            freshman Marissa Raynesford, violin

I                            junior Carl Rorstrom, cello

I                            freshman Ashley Vilaysing, violin

I                            senior Skylar Weilert, cello

I                            sophomore Michaela Austin, viola

I                            freshman Alisara Arial, viola


II                          Flute Quartet (junior Myranda Berner, sophomore Paige Beamer, freshman Cami Moore, junior Alora Arnold)

II                          Clarinet Trio (freshman Ashley Vilaysing, freshman Calista Isbell, sophomore Michaela Austin)

II                          Brass Septet (senior Seth Beauchamp, sophomore Kaiden Van Schuyver, sophomore Jimmie Roe, senior Ivy Walker, freshman Taylor Deines, sophomore Megan Flavin, senior Mason Weber)

I                            sophomore Paige Beamer, flute

II                          freshman Cami Moore, flute

I                            freshman Alisara Arial, oboe

I                            junior Cameron Karlin, oboe

I                            freshman Ashley Vilaysing, clarinet

I                            freshman Calista Isbell, clarinet

I                            freshman Alexis White, clarinet

I                            senior Gabby Taliaferro, alto sax

I                            senior Abby Kennemer, trumpet

II                          junior Rebekah Porter, horn

I                            junior Cori Isbell, trombone

I                            senior Levi Smith, trombone

II                          junior Calvin Duden, tuba

I                            junior Spencer Wittkorn, marimba

I                            freshman Cooper Eiland, snare drum