Seniors have opportunity to receive scholarship for community work


Allison Hillebrand

Seniors may apply to become community ambassadors. Ambassadors have the opportunity to gain scholarships based on their work.

Young men and women are given the opportunity to become Community Ambassadors, which provides them with knowledge of how local business and government are run.

The Community Ambassadors from Hays High are seniors Kamree Markley, Erin Muirhead, Autumn Hohmann, Mark Schuckman, Sara Rohleder, Alyssa Owens, Kaitlyn Schaben, Trinity Callis, Mallory Linn and London Keller.

“A Community Ambassador is a leader for one’s peers,” Keller said. “We learn about what is to come in the future and tips to help us in our lives.”

Keller said he enjoyed the program because of the valuable skills he has been taught to better his leadership.

To become an ambassador, a high school senior must fill out an application and be accepted by Sunflower Bank employees, Muirhead said.

“As a community ambassador, we get the opportunity to meet important people within our community and learn about the future of our generation,” Muirhead said. “At the end of the program, there are also scholarship opportunities.”

The scholarships depend on the member’s participation and volunteer work throughout the year.

“I feel very honored to be a community ambassador,” Muirhead said. “It has been a wonderful experience so far, I am extremely thankful to have gotten the opportunity.”