Red Cross club hosts upcoming blood drive


Courtesy Photo

The Red Cross club was originally started at Hays High by instructor Jayme Goetz.

The Red Cross club had a meeting on Feb. 6 to discuss the blood drive planned for March 8.

“We have not really been doing anything recently,” instructor Jayme Goetz said. “We are waiting until after this blood drive, because the blood drive has so much that goes into it.”

The topics covered in the meeting were volunteer hours and recruitment for the blood drive.

“Right now, what we are looking at is trying to get more awareness out there to students on what they can do to donate and what the restrictions are,” Goetz said.

Goetz said health restrictions are just as important as age restrictions.

“We also want to give the information about iron in your body,” Goetz said. “Iron is a really big part of your body and students don’t really know how much they need or what they can do to improve their iron.”

They plan to put out the information within the next few weeks.

Donors must be at least 16. Girls must be at least 5-foot-1 and 133 pounds. As they get taller, the less they can weigh.

Boys must be 4-foot-10 and 118 pounds, or 110 pounds if taller than 5-foot.

“Keep an eye out on the website for more information coming out about the blood drive,” Goetz said.