Senior nominated to attend Air Force Academy


Hays Daily News

Sara Rohleder must be interviewed to receive a nomination from the congressmen. Four others also received nominations.

The United States Airforce Academy trains young men and women to become officers in the military and is stationed in Colorado Spring, Colo.

Senior Sara Rohleder has been foregoing the application process for the United States Airforce Academy, and has recently been nominated by Sen. Pat Roberts and Rep. Roger Marshall.

“The way it works, to continue your application to the Airforce Academy, you have to get these nominations,” Rohleder said. “If you don’t receive a nomination, you can’t continue with it.”

Rohleder received two nominations and will continue with the application process.

“You don’t pay to go,” Rohleder said. “If you are selected, you serve after you graduate.”

Rohleder is looking to become a pilot at this time and she plans on serving around 10 years.

“I am mostly focused on one major,” Rohleder said. “If you go to the academy, there are several different programs to different schools you can attend.”