Students inducted into National Honors Society


Junior Myranda Berner signs her name in the induction book during the ceremony. Photo taken by Lindsey Pfannenstiel.

Every year, students with an average GPA of 3.5 or above have the opportunity to apply for the June Reynolds Chapter of National Honor Society which is sponsored by Science instructors Kayla Brown and Cheryl Shepherd-Adams. This year, students that were accepted participated in an induction ceremony on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Out of about 130 potential applicants, about 52 applied and 39 were selected to join, bringing the number of members up to 66.

During the ceremony a speaker from the community is given the opportunity to address the audience and the new members sign the induction book before receiving certificates and pens honoring them for their hard work.

Brown said the message of this year’s speaker, Fort Hays instructor Seth Castle, to the new members, was to find something they were interested in and go for it. To rise above any challenges in their way and get to their goal even if it takes a little extra work.

Usually the ceremony is held in the Robinson’s Center on Fort Hays’ campus, but this year was held in the lecture hall of the high school.

“I feel accomplished that I was recognized by an organization that honors students for academic achievement and their service to the community,” junior Zoe C. Martin said. “The induction ceremony was nice and short, but I was just a little nervous the entire time. I didn’t want to trip or do anything embarrassing when I walked across the stage.”