S.A.P. offers Maroon & Gold hoodies


Walking through the halls, a few more streaks of Maroon and Gold may have been apparent.

Thanks to S.A.P. for creating not only one, but two styles of hoodies in Hays High’s maroon and gold spirit colors, students have been representing not only our school but the rapidly growing, non-profit organization called the Scott Alan Project. According to their website, the project aims to bring attention to the epidemic of depression and suicide and in turn prevent it from happening.

The S.A.P. crew, alumni students Chance Pitcock and Eric Stumon, had an interest to release the hoodies for high school students for the same reason they design hoodies for colleges. The colleges, mainly Fort Hays for now, are big followers of the organization. After realizing how much support teenagers give them, they decided to create hoodies for their former high school, Hays High.

Only 36 hours after dropping the HHS hoodies, the custom pieces were sold out. S.A.P.’s future only calls for many more blowouts like this to occur. Both founders said, “The sky is our limit.”

The next place they plan to “pop up” at is at their annual event “Come As You Are” at 7:00 p.m. on Sep. 10. (World Suicide Day) in Manhattan, Kan. They will be dropping their upcoming season’s line and having guest speaker, Kevin Hines, talk about his journey. If you are interested in attending the event, come as you are and keep in mind, “Everyone is welcome.”

“Live life entirely is a lifestyle us all in the world should preach every day,” Stumon said. “Because that’s all we really have here; a life.”

To get more involved or find out more about the Scott Alan Project, visit their website at wwww.scottalanproject.com and/or follow them on their twitter page: @scottalnproject