Staff member reviews ‘Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’ movie

The recent movie, “Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves,” which was released on March 31, shows viewers a new perspective of the hit game of “Dungeons and Dragons,” or D&D.

The movie follows a bard named Edgin, played by actor Chris Pine, as it takes us on a journey through his life. At the beginning of the film, we learn that Edgin had a very noble profession as a harper, who is a person who fights against evil for the people of the land. However, Edgin leaves the harpers after his wife dies at the hands of the Red Wizard group. The Red Wizards, who are the antagonists, killed Edgin’s wife after Edgin helped fight against them.

After his wife’s death, Edgin struggles to take care of himself and his child, so he becomes a thief just to survive. With the help of others, especially Holga Kilgore, a barbarian played by Michelle Rodriguez who takes pity on him and his child when he meets her at a bar, he is able to make a very good living.

As the movie continues, Edgin and Holga get word of a place where there are many magical items, one of which would be able to resurrect Edgin’s beloved wife. However, just when things are going well and they are about to get away with this item, they are betrayed by their “friends.” The two are sent to prison, leaving them to have to find a way back to Edgin’s daughter.

While the movie seemed fast paced, it was also easy to follow without being boring. The acting was fluid, with Pine being a great pick to play the main character, the storyline was engaging, and the graphics were realistic, allowing the viewers to feel like they were part of this magic world.

As a D&D player myself, I would highly recommend the movie for fellow players or casual viewers, as it does an amazing job at representing the game overall and as it would be a great movie to watch, whether one plays D&D or not.

With its engaging story, humorous moments and magic fighting, it would be a great movie to go see in theaters, as it feels very different from the action movies we have been getting recently. Viewers can watch “Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” here in Hays at the AMC Theater.

Watching the movie with my friends was definitely a good experience, as it showed the wonderful and magical world of D&D.