‘Memento’ worth every second of your time



“Memento” was released on March 16, 2001 by director Christopher Nolan. It has won 12 awards since. Some include, but are not limited to, Edgar Award for Best Motion Picture Screenplay and Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Screenplay.

Guy Pearce plays the main actor in this movie and does an outstanding job.

“What was interesting is that in a normal film, you’re aware of where you’ve been 10 scenes before and how that affects where you might be now and where you’re going,” Pearce tells entertainment weekly. “This character clearly doesn’t remember any of that. So really he was just sort of turning up in every moment. I had to let go of what you as an actor you would normally hang onto. It was a freeing kind of process, really.”

The last thing Leonard Shelby (Guy Pearce) remembers is his wife’s death.

With his memories before the accident still intact, he searches for his wife’s rapist and killer but continues to do so with an incurable form of memory loss, anterograde amnesia.

Not being able to hold onto new information for long periods of time, Shelby resorts to tattooing every important piece of information he discovers onto his body and taking Polaroid’s to help himself after he forgets.

During the film you are thrown into flashbacks and Nolan truly makes you feel just as confused as Shelby felt throughout the movie.

The plot leaves you with so many questions, you can’t help but watch it again trying to piece together everything you have already seen.

This movie is a psychological masterpiece that really pulls you in and makes you pay very close attention, if you don’t you could miss a big part of information needed to unscramble this puzzle of art. Definitely a 10/10 from me.