“The Theory of Everything” review


“The Theory of Everything” is the amazing true story of the famous physicist Stephen Hawking and his relationship with his wife, Jane.

Jane is a very religious woman who believes in god, whereas Stephen is a man of science.

The movie starts out with Stephen meeting Jane and falling in love with her. When Stephen finds out he has Lou Gehrig’s disease, he is told he has approximately two years left to live.

Despite this news, Jane decides to stay with Stephen because she loves him. Eventually, they get married and have children.

The movie covers their relationship through his health challenges and his successes. It shows how they both understand each other’s points of view and love each other so deeply.

Their marriage faces many complications and they need to make the decision of whether or not to just move on.

I thought this movie was really well done. It was a nice balance between biopic and romance.

The acting in this movie was amazing. Eddie Redmayne did an incredible job at playing Stephen Hawking (he won an Oscar because of the part). He accurately portrayed the famous physicist, and acting like he had Lou Gehrig’s disease could not have been easy, but he did a fantastic job.

The movie was over two hours long, and at times, it was a bit boring, but altogether it was a brilliant movie.

I’d definitely recommend watching this movie. I give it an eight out of 10.