Covid-19 affects annual celebrations

Multiple people have had birthdays or other celebrations that have been affected by the pandemic Covid-19. This is preventing friends from celebrating together in person, which is disappointing.

In the last couple of months, people have had to reschedule celebrations or events that would have happened, but there are still multiple ways to enjoy yourself while in quarantine, like texting friends, having game nights with your family and going on walks around the neighborhood.

“I have kept in touch with friends and family through texting and Zoom calls,” freshman Celia Brooks said. “I talk almost every day to my friends either by texting them or finding a time when we can both FaceTime.”

Like Brooks, another student agreed that social media has helped them stay in touch.

“I usually just use Snapchat to talk to my friends,” freshman Katrina Delimont said. “Most people have Snapchat, so it’s just easier to contact them that way.”

While staying safe in quarantine, you can still celebrate events, such as May Day by dropping flowers or treats off at friends’ houses and Mother’s Day by telling her how much you appreciate everything she does.

“I plan to spend Mother’s Day with my family,” freshman Eileen Veatch said. “I will be baking with my mom.”

There are multiple things to do with moms on Mother’s Day; just spending the day with them means a lot.

While Mother’s Day has been affected, so have birthdays.

“It wasn’t too bad,” Veatch said about celebrating her birthday during the quarantine. “I still had a good birthday, but just couldn’t spend it with all my friends and family.”

Veatch’s twin brother had the same feelings.

“My birthday wasn’t affected a whole lot,” freshman Philip Veatch said. “I was a little worried about my grandparents, as I know Covid-19 is dangerous to the elderly. It was pretty much normal, other than the fact that we didn’t have to worry about school that much.”