Teachers prepare for midterms


Photo by: Rebekah Porter

As the end of the nine weeks approaches, teachers with classes that only last for a semester have been preparing their students to undergo the midterm testing process.

“The midterms are just an assessment of student retention up to this point in the semester,”instructor Codi Fenwick said.

Fenwick said she believes that they have done a good job fitting the curriculum she would have liked to.

“The only class that I give a full midterm in are the Latin classes and that is because it is in the program,” instructor Melanie Folkerts said. “The structure is simply just a larger test than the weekly test, twice the size, twice the amount of points.”

There is also a difference in whether it is open note or not, Folkerts said. In the Latin midterms, absolutely no notes are allowed, unlike the weekly tests.

“Latin, because it is self-paced, allows students to go back and check anything,” Folkerts said.

They can move faster so that they will have more time to study. The only thing they can’t do is fall behind.

“When they get to the midterm, they must show that they have it down,” Folkerts said. “Otherwise, during the final, they struggle.”