12 symptoms of Senioritis you may be suffering from

1.You’re acting overly sentimental.


Going through old pictures, reminiscing times with friends and maybe trying to re-live the good times.


2. Your grades are dropping.


But you wouldn’t know… you don’t check your grades anymore.


3. You’re buying things for your future.


Little by little, you’re buying more practical things like blenders and bed sheets.


4. You’re starting to save money.


You want to go out with friends and spend money, but you know you shouldn’t. Every time your parents offer you money or buy something for you is a beautiful miracle.


5. You are sad 24/7.



6. You’re constantly exhausted.


Staying awake in first hour is almost as hard as avoiding sleep after lunch. You’re not even staying up that late, but you’re tired nonetheless.


7. You’re trying to live in the moment a little bit more.


You’re trying new things and trying to have as much fun your last year of high school as possible.


8. You are so full of chill.


You couldn’t care less about drama, and would rather have deep talks and go on road trips than gossip and stay at home.


9. You are trying to pass on advice to your younger friends/siblings.


These last four years of high school have bestowed you with so much wisdom that needs to be spread onto our small buddies.


10. Time is passing quicker than you think.


Each day seems to drag on, but every once in a while, you’ll see the date and remark on how fast the year is going by.


11. You feel out of place in high school


You are so ready to move on to bigger and better things, and are so sick of being treated like a child. You feel so much more mature than the underclassmen and wonder if you were ever that weird.


12. As much as you want the year to be over, you can’t help but feel a little hesitant about stepping into the adult world.


There are people leaving you, or you might be leaving people who have had a significant impact on you and you are a little nervous about having to make new friendships. Student loans are scary. The world is so open and you have so much opportunity, yet you’re just a little terrified of no longer being sheltered.