Students discuss “Annabelle”


“Annabelle,” a new horror flick that was supposed to be a prequel of The Conjuring, was released to theaters on Oct. 3. According to, the movie has raked in approximately $37.1 million, and has been given the unfortunate score of about 31 percent.

Students who went to see this movie had varying opinions about the frightening new film.

“There were a lot of jump scares,” junior Shaila Naegle said. “But other than that it wasn’t that scary. It was pretty suspenseful though.”

Some students seemed to be pleased with the movie while others were let down by the lack of terrifying moments.

“It wasn’t bad,” senior Julian Cigarroa said. “I wasn’t really scared. The scariest part was the loud noises in the theater. Those made me jump.”

The movie has been out for over a week. Some students think the movie is worth seeing.

“It sounds good,” sophomore Cameron Casto said. “I like scary movies.”

Other students detest scary movies and would never pay to get scared.

“There’s no way I’m going to go see that movie,” freshman Hayley Spears said. “I don’t like scary movies. I close my eyes during the commercials.”

Although the movie was not critically acclaimed, many students seem to enjoy going to the theater and spending money on a few scares.

“I would like to go see it because I like paranormal things,” sophomore Sally Lushbough said. “Plus I don’t have enough nightmares.”