Options Student Advisory Board invites guest speaker to talk to students


Options Domestic and Sexual Violence Services had a guest speaker talk to the students at Hays High School on Thursday, Nov. 17 during PRIDE Time.

This is the first time that Options has had a victim of domestic violence talk to the students at Hays High about their story of sexual violence; the speaker was Sophia Garrison, who is a sophomore at Fort Hays State University and Hays High alumna.

Garrison said she has battled through many different scenarios involving domestic violence. She shared her story about toxic relationships and domestic abuse during the presentation.

“I think, when I first heard it, for me, it was unreal – you never think it would happen to someone so close, but for me, it did,” junior Lily Garrison, the vice president of the Options Student Advisory Board, said. “I don’t think it ever became real until she shared her story with the Options Board.”

While Sophia Garrison was going through these tragic events, she contacted Options, and they assisted her with finding the help she needed and listened to her when she did not have anyone to listen to her.

“Overall, I think her story has helped me know that you can always dig yourself out of a hole, no matter how deep it is,” Lily Garrison said. “I also want to add that I’m proud of her and her journey through all of this. Remember, you are never alone, and there is always Options!”