Quill and Scroll to hold induction ceremony


Rylee Burd

Quill and Scroll sorts books from their April book drive on April 25.

During PRIDE Time on Tuesday, April 26, Quill and Scroll journalism honor society held a meeting to collect books from their April book drive and discuss their upcoming induction ceremony.
Club sponsor Jessica Augustine will lead the ceremony alongside senior club officers Brenna Schwien, Aaliyah Neuburger, Nikka Vuong, Jersey Johnson and Leah Legleiter.
Seniors Alexandra Coveney and Emry Lundy, and juniors Rylee Burd, Shelby Craig, Morgan Engel, Maggi Lindenmeyer, Amedee Randle, Allie Straub and Andrea Tinoco-Ramirez are new Quill and Scroll members who will be inducted.
The ceremony will take place Monday, May 2 at 6:30 p.m. in the Lecture Hall.
Along with inducting members, the seniors, including Coveney, Johnson, Legleiter, Lundy, Neuburger, Schwien and Vuong, will also be recognized as senior members of the club and receive graduation cords.