Student Council has executive officer elections for the 21-22 school year

In the Lecture Hall on Wednesday, April 28, junior Student Council members had the opportunity to run as executive officers for the 2021-2022 school year.
To run, they had to complete an application for the position they wished to hold and give a speech explaining why they wanted the position.
The StuCo executive officer positions include StuCo president, vice president, public relations, secretary and treasurer.
Below are the junior StuCo members who gave a speech to run as an officer.
Junior Class president Alex Johnson and member Aleyia Ruder ran for president.
Junior Class co-vice presidents Grace McCord and Tyler Solida ran for vice president.
Members Jersey Johnson and Cassidy Wilkie ran for public relations officer.
Members Elizabeth Clingan and Jocelyn Rigler ran for secretary.
Member Caroline Robben ran for treasurer, with there being an option to write-in vote for other members.

The winners of the 2021-2022 StuCo elections are Alex Johnson for president, McCord for vice president, Jersey Johnson for public relations officer, Rigler for secretary and Robben for treasurer.
“What else is there to say, other than I am happy,” Alex Johnson said. “I personally felt that I gave a well-rounded speech overall.”
An ample amount of work goes into making a speech that connects students across the school.
“From starting this campaign process well over three months ago with starting the drafts for my speech to delivering the best one to the Student Council, was a breath of fresh air,” Alex Johnson said. “I felt relieved and thankful when I heard the announcements at the end of the day Wednesday!”
McCord also said she felt a bit of relief at the end of the day Wednesday.
“I had gone into the election confident and prepared to get started on planning for next year, so when I won, it was relieving, and I celebrated, but after celebrating, I refocused and continued preparing to make StuCo great next year,” McCord said.
Like McCord, Robben said she looks forward to starting the new year as a StuCo officer.
“I am very excited to work with the group of people that have been elected, and I hope to make next year one of the bests,” Robben said. “I am hoping to involve a lot more students next year with new activities and events!”
Jersey Johnson said she is also excited for next year and what the future of StuCo will look like.
“After winning the election for public relations officer, I felt very grateful for this opportunity,” Jersey Johnson said. “The experience was very rewarding, challenging and exciting and something I was very happy to be a part of!”
Rigler echoed Jersey Johnson’s response, being very excited for the upcoming year.
“I am very excited to be the next StuCo secretary,” Rigler said. “I definitely feel a lot of responsibility to make sure that the future school events are pulled off successfully.”