11 “Back to the Future” predictions and their accuracy

Oct. 21, 2015 is the day Marty McFly from the iconic “Back to the Future Part II” traveled to in order to save his future son. Many broad, wild and sometimes insane predictions were made in the 1989 film. Some, surprisingly, have come true, others, not so much. So in honor of the day, here are 11 of them:

Not really…

1. Hoverboards


Ever since the second Back to the Future movie hit movie theaters in the 80s, people have been waiting for hoverboard technology to make an appearance. Sadly, hoverboards have not become as prevalent as we imagined. Companies such as Lexus and Hendo have been working on creating hoverboards, but their designs are not for sale, nor are they as exciting as the bright pink hoverboard Marty McFly rode Back to the Future Part II.




2. Jaws 19


No Jaws 19. Just the original, Jaws 2, Jaws 3-D and Jaws: the Revenge.

3. Flying cars


Unfortunately, our cars are all still on the ground and that’s probably the way it’ll stay for quite a while.

4. A woman president


We may see this prediction come true in the upcoming election with Hillary Clinton leading in polls, but as for now, our president is definitely not a woman.


5. Print newspaper still being super prevalent


Everything is online now, and print papers are becoming more and more a thing of the past.

6. Hydrators


We can dehydrate foods, but this invention is definitely not a thing, nor is it very realistic.

7. Automatic dog walkers


Well, no. We still have to go out and walk our dogs ourselves.




9. Thumbprint locks


This has definitely come true. While of course payment isn’t fingerprint activated yet, iPhones use “Touch ID” technology and there are fingerprint door locks on the market.


10. Phone glasses


Basically, they predicted the Google Glass.


10. Video phone calls


We now have Skype and Facetime, making it easy for Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to converse with us.



We’ll see…

11. The Cubs winning the world series


The Cubs haven’t won the World Series since 1908, but hey, the jury is still out on this one.