STUCO class officers announced


Junior Jeanie Balzer answers questions at the STUCO elections

STUCO elections for class officers took place on Sept. 1 in the lecture hall. Nominated students were asked questions to help the voting members determine who they wanted to see be their president.

Students texted in their votes, and the results came in.

The freshmen class president is Brittani Park and her vice president is Peyton Thorell.

The sophomore class president is Trinity Callis and her vice president is Dusty Schneider.

The junior class president is Jeanie Balzer and her vice president is Cooper Flores.

The senior class president is Fengxue Zhang and her vice president is Brooks Barber.

“The meeting was really good, a surprising amount of people decided to run,” senior Raeleann Weigel. “The nominees were all really nice and encouraging to one another.”