International Travel Club Announces Upcoming Trip


Lucerne, Switzerland

Last summer the International Travel Club took a trip across the globe to Paris, Spain and Morocco, the club’s sponsor, Spanish teacher Lora Haynes has announced the plans for the next trip they will be taking.

“Our next trip is in 2017,” Haynes said. “We will be going to London, England; Paris, France; Lucerne, Switzerland; a variety of places in Italy and Greece.”

Haynes said this club’s purpose is to give students an opportunity to travel internationally to see and experience the many wonders that are taught about in school.  They get to see places that they may have only seen pictures of, experience new cultures, try new foods and see famous historical sites.

“Our meetings are random,” Haynes said. “We meet when there is information I need to give to the whole group. The only members we have are for those who will travel on the next trip. Our members change every trip.”

If a student is interested in the upcoming trip, they need to talk to Haynes and she will give them an application. Membership in the International Travel Club is strictly for those going on the 2017 trip.

“If a student would like to see a new part of the world and if they are willing to work hard raising funds for their trip, the International Travel Club would be a great club to be a part of,” Haynes said.