Hays High holds fall activities assembly


On Friday, Sept. 2, there was an activities pep assembly in Gym A led by junior Brooks Baczkowski. This type of assembly is new to Hays High School, and one will occur every season.

“The activities assembly serves to recognize the hard work and effort of everyone who participates in an activity,” Baczkowski said.

During the assembly, members of different organizations recognized. The purpose was to acknowledge kids who are not often noted for their participation at Hays High.

“These assemblies are vital because they recognize people who might otherwise be overlooked,” Baczkowski said. “When athletics takes all the spotlight, hours of work from fantastic, motivated individuals are overlooked.”

These assemblies will focus on students’ participation that is not always recognized and hopefully inspires kids to be more involved and feel appreciated.

“If participation isn’t motivated, the passion of great comparison or workers dies out,” Baczkowski said. “It would be a shame to lose out on people who are so active in their schools and communities.”