Leadership Team hosts question-and-answer session with freshmen


Nikka Vuong

Leadership Team members answer questions during their activity with the freshmen on Dec. 9. This is the last leadership activity with the freshmen for the year.

Leadership Team members met with freshmen during extended PRIDE Time on Dec. 9.

This activity was a question-and-answer session with selected members of Leadership Team.

“These are all returning Leadership Team members,” counselor Troy Dale said. “They were on Leadership Team their junior year and are on the team now as seniors to give insight on different topics from their perspective.”

Some questions were tailored to specific issues this year, like COVID quarantines.

“I’ve been in quarantine three separate times,” senior Kassie Zimmer said. “It’s hard to stay motivated.”

Zimmer advised students to study in a different place than their bed and keep moving around throughout the day.

“Joining Zoom calls from your bed is comfortable, but it’s hard to keep focused,” Zimmer said. “Even just going to a desk or a table can help you stay on track more.”

The rest of the questions were similar to previous years with general advice on high school and applying for scholarships.

“Most scholarships target juniors and seniors, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to them ‘till then,” senior Ginny Ke said.

Ke discussed the importance of keeping grades up throughout high school, involving yourself in extracurriculars and forming good relationships with teachers.

“When you apply for scholarships, you sometimes need letters of recommendation from teachers, so you want to make sure you’re on good terms with them,” Ke said.

Counselor Suellyn Stenger wrapped up the Q&A session by discussing the importance of soft skills.

“If I have a student come into my office and they make eye contact and communicate effectively and speak up, it makes all the difference,” Stenger said. “Little things like that can make a big difference.”