Colleges, military branches visit Hays High


So far this year, there have been many college and military visits to Hays High, and there will be many more throughout the year. A few military and colleges that have visited so far are as follows:

Army National Guard

Barton Community College

Bethany College

Colby Community College

Kansas State University (Virtual)



Northwest Kansas Technical College

University of Kansas (Virtual)

University of Nebraska-Kearney (Virtual)

Washburn University

Wichita State University

“In the past, there was a table set up for the college and military representatives to visit with students during lunch,” counselor Suellyn Stenger said. “Due to social distancing, we went with the option of having them available during PRIDE Time in a different setting.”

In addition to changing the time and location, some colleges offered virtual visits and tours. Kansas State University and University of Kansas are two of the colleges that offered online visits for Hays High.

Although visiting a college is the best way to get to know about it, the visits are helpful to students as well. They let students interact with the representative and ask about the college beyond what can be learned from the college’s website.

In some cases, students have had the option to visit with several colleges at once during PRIDE Time.

“This year, we made the change that, if we can have two or three come, we try and put them together so students can hear a little bit form more of a variety in one setting,” Stenger said.

The college and military visits are a great resource to have to help you decide or just get to know the different opportunities.