Hays High freshmen take the Pre-ACT

On the mornings of Oct. 12 and Oct. 13, Hays High freshmen took the Pre-ACT.
Testing took place in two groups in the cafeteria.
“I was excited, but also nervous because I wanted to do good,” freshman Evyn Cox said. “I wasn’t sure what to expect so it was an interesting experience.”
The Pre-ACT score predicts a student’s score range for the ACT, which most students take later during high school.
“The Pre-ACT is taken early enough in high school so that a student can work to improve their ACT score their junior or senior year,” counselor Amy Miller said. “The test scores can help teachers and parents determine class placement in core classes.”
The Pre-ACT simulates a shorter version of the ACT and gives students an idea of what to expect before taking the actual test.
“By taking the Pre-ACT, students can share their contact information with colleges and scholarship agencies earlier and start receiving literature to explore scholarships and colleges,” Miller said. “The Pre-ACT has an interest inventory that will provide students with a personalized view of their interests.”
The Pre-ACT for freshmen is paid for by the State of Kansas.
“The Pre-ACT is an indicator for the freshman to see not only their strengths and weaknesses are but how it aligns with their interests and future goals,” assistant principal Fred Winter said.
The feedback that students and parents/guardians receive from the results can help map out students’ future courses and help expand their post-secondary options.
“It starts the conversation of why it is important to pay attention in class, give good effort and turn in assignments on time,” Winter said. “The Pre-ACT helps freshmen see the importance of the exam for college scholarships and to let them know that GPA does matter, along with their ACT, for higher scholarships as they leave high school.”
Freshmen also recognized the importance of the test.
“It is important to me to get a good score because I know doing good on the real thing can help get you into good colleges,” Cox said. “I did not prepare for the test, although I feel we have learned a lot of the stuff that was on it already in school.”
“It felt like that Pre-ACT took a long time,” freshman Calvin Evinslll said. “This test is important to me because of placement. I didn’t prepare for the test, but I’m pretty sure I did very well on it.”