Seniors attend meeting as Community Ambassadors


Allison Hillebrand

Four Hays High seniors are involved with Community Ambassadors, a chance to become more involved in the Hays community.

Four seniors, including Landon Dinkel, Levi Hickert, Allison Hillebrand and Cassidy Prough, have been attending seminars for the Community Ambassadors program through Sunflower Bank.

So far, the four have went to seminars on how Hays is run, networking and entrepreneurship.

The purpose of the program is to prepare the members for their future as best as possible.

Dinkel said he believes the meetings have given him a new perspective on Hays.

“I learned so much about opportunity,” Dinkel said. “There are so many opportunities that exist in Hays, and all you have to do is search for them and get involved with all of the great things the community has to offer.”

Although the meetings take away from class time, Prough said she enjoys getting out and experiencing different environments.

“I have learned a lot about the business world,” Prough said. “I have learned that in the business world there are many connections that are fun to learn about.”

Hickert said he agrees with his enjoyment in the experiences.

“Getting to experience local business people’s day-to-day operations has been fascinating,” Hickert said. “Honestly, I have just learned that you have got to keep going no matter what setbacks you come across. Also, you have to be innovative and think outside the box to survive.”

Both Hickert and Prough agree that the most recent seminar about entrepreneurship was the most enjoyable, while Dinkel enjoyed the networking seminar.

“I knew some of the people who spoke,” Hickert said. “But, it was really cool to see how they got started and what they have struggled against to get where they are today.”