Hallway decorating competition takes place for Indian Call week


Paige Polifka-Denson

The sophomores hang up a yellow poster in their hallway for the decorating competition.

A hallway decorating competition took place during PRIDE Time between Feb. 13 and 14 among the different grades. The competition was to celebrate Indian Call and increase involvement with the dance.

Supplies were supplied to all the grades, and they were assigned specific sections of the hallway to decorate. Each class had a different color; seniors had pink, juniors had blue, sophomores had yellow and freshman had green.

This competition was meant to be similar to the float building competition that takes place every year during Homecoming week.

“I thought it was fun because we had a lot of people working on it compared to float building, and I liked the class participation,” junior Kassie Zimmer said.

The hallways were judged by teachers, and seniors came in fourth place, juniors in third, sophomores in second and freshman in first.

“I enjoyed it,” junior Fernando Zarate said. “I went outside at one point to paint some things, and it was freezing, but I hope they do it again next year.”