StuCo sells candy to raise funds for Holiday Help Project


StuCo president Maddie lohmeyer tapes a sign on the candy cart before school on Dec. 2. StuCo will be selling candy Dec. 2, 3 and 4 before school, during PRIDE Time and during lunch. All proceeds will go toward the Holiday Help Project.

To raise money for the Holiday Help Project, Student Council is selling candy.

The candy cart will be available Dec. 2, 3 and 4 ,and students may purchase items before school, during PRIDE Time or during lunch.

Candy canes are 25 cents. Raspberry, Green Apple, Blueberry, Cherry and Peppermint candy canes are available for purchase.

Christmas suckers are 75 cents, and rainbow suckers are a dollar.

All proceeds benefit the Holiday Help Project.

The Holiday Help project is put on by National Honor Society each year to help families at Hays High during the holiday season. The families are chosen by administration and remain anonymous but receive groceries and other needed items.

“We [StuCo] wanted to get into the holiday spirit and raise money for the Holiday Help Project,” President Maddie Lohmeyer said. “It’s a really good cause and it helps people within the school community.”