Varsity Scholars Bowl medals at Wichita West Invitational


Cheryl Shepherd-Adams

Varsity Scholars Bowl sits at desks with buzzers during the meet on Nov. 21. The team made it to semifinals, falling to Salina South.

Varsity Scholars Bowl competed at the Wichita West Invitational on Nov. 21.

Senior Levi Hickert (captain), juniors Andrew Duke and Alicia Feyerherm, sophomores Colton Dodd-Spencer and Liahna Hyatt and freshman Evan Dealy competed.

This meet, there was a special category that appeared in addition to the regular questions and categories. The category this year was the year 1969. Each round there was a question about an event that happened in 1969.

There were six rounds of pool play. The team ended with a 5-1 record after pool play, tying with two other teams for first in the pool.

The team made their way to the elimination rounds and won every round until semi-finals, where they were defeated by Salina South.

“I think we did really well as whole,” Hyatt said. “There were some things that we should’ve gotten, but we did really well overall, and I’m glad we medaled.”