Tribe Art Club meets during PRIDE Time on Oct. 28, assigns prompts to be completed for next meeting


Tribe Art Club President Olivia Reed (right) holds up pieces of paper with the link to the Tribe Art Club Canvas Course. Reed gave each member a slip of paper so they could access the page.

Tribe Art Club met in the Lecture Hall during PRIDE Time on Oct. 28.  

Tribe Art Club President Olivia Reed opened the meeting by passing around slips of paper with a link to the Tribe Art Club Canvas Course.  

For those who missed the meeting, click this link to join the Canvas Course.  

“T-shirt order forms will be linked on the Canvas page by today, and orders will be open on the website for about two weeks,” Tribe Art Club Sponsor Jennifer Younger said.  

Next, Tribe Art Club Co-President Addy Speier passed around a container with slips of paper. Each slip of paper had a prompt on it.  

“You have until next month at our next meeting to make anything related to the prompt you just drew,” Reed said. “We will present them at the next meeting.” 

Members can use any kind of paper or medium for their prompt.  

The final item on the agenda was the Gallery Walk on Dec. 6. 

“Last year, we submitted artwork for the Gallery Walk downtown,” Younger said. “Start thinking of ideas and working on projects to submit. If you don’t have anything, you can submit artwork from last spring. More information will be put on the Canvas page as it gets closer to time.”