StuCo meets during PRIDE time on Sept. 4 to discuss preliminary homecoming plans


StuCo President Maddie Lohmeyer addresses StuCo members at the beginning of the meeting on Sept. 4. Later on in the meeting, members broke into different committees for homecoming.

StuCo met during PRIDE Time on Sept. 4 to discuss upcoming events.  

StuCo President Maddie Lohmeyer opened the meeting by having everyone sign in via Kahoot.   

While students were signing in, StuCo contracts and T-shirt order forms were collected.  

Lohmeyer announced the StuCo lock-in will take place on Sept. 15 from 6-9 p.m., as well as mentioned the need for volunteers to clean up the library patio.  

“The outdoor patio area is a really awesome place for students, but it needs to be cleaned up a little bit,” Lohmeyer said. “There are weeds that need pulled and just some other tidying that needs to be done.” 

Volunteers can get a GPS pass from Instructor Alicia Brungardt to help clean up the area during their GPS hours. 

Members also volunteered to publicize the Dillon’s account fundraiser during the football game on Sept. 6.  

The meeting ended with students dividing up into Homecoming committees with each committee being responsible for a different part of Homecoming, such as spirit days, decorations, publicity and games. 

Treasurer Sierra Bryant will oversee the Spirit Days committee. As a committee, the members voted on which dress-up days they felt were the best for Homecoming this year.  

“All ideas have to be approved by administration first,” Bryant said. “I’ll propose our ideas, and if the top ideas don’t get approved, we will go with the ones that have the closest votes to our top picks.”