Varsity, JV Scholars Bowl initial standings released after tryouts on Aug. 24


Paige Polifka-Denson

After tryouts, students received results the following week. Five students were selected for Varsity. Eighteen students were given a spot on JV.

Scholars Bowl tryouts took place on Aug. 24 with two different tryout sessions, one before school and one after school.  

Students interested in being part of the team took a 92question test with questions ranging from foreign language to current issues.  

Freshman Evan Dealy said he noticed the variance of categories in Scholars Bowl compared to middle school Quiz Bowl.  

The categories are so much more different than before, and they really just throw you out there to the wind,” Dealy said. “It’s hard being a freshman here because chances are that if you know a question, then everyone else will too.” 

Based off the score each student received on the test, students were placed on either varsity or JV. The standings were released in the week following the test.  


Senior Levi Hickert, co-captain 

Junior Andrew Duke, co-captain 

Junior Anna Brull 

Junior Alicia Feyerherm 

Junior Sophia Garrison 



Senior Brandom Kennemer 

Junior Allison Brooks 

Junior Sydney Walker 

Junior Skylar Zimmerman 

Sophomore Matthew Bollig 

Sophomore Colton Dodd-Spencer 

Sophomore LIahnna Hyatt 

Sophomore Kristen Kuhl 

Sophomore Samantha Vesper 

Freshman Anthony Arial 

Freshman Noah Bruggeman 

Freshman Evan Dealy 

Freshman Darian Dodd-Spencer 

Freshman Brayden Dreher 

Freshman Greg Hughes 

Freshman Quinton McGuire 

Freshman Meg Taggart 


These, however, are preliminary standings. Students move up or down in the rankings depending on how many points they score at each practice.  

“Last year when I tried out, I was placed on JV,” junior Anna Brull said. “This year, I was placed on varsity. My goal is to do my best this season and keep my varsity spot.”