Spring Sports Assembly postponed to following week


Shannon Smith

Students sing the Alma Mater in a past sports assembly.

The Spring Sports Assembly, previously scheduled to take place during seminar on March 21, has been rescheduled to occur on March 28.

“I truly wanted to have one, I don’t want people to think that I did not want one,” Spirit Club sponsor Rick Keltner said. “A lot happened the Friday before Spring Break.”

Keltner said he had not been thinking about the assembly, due to being informed that he will not be returning to teach next year.

“When I got back, I used a personal day,” Keltner said. “The Tuesday after break I realized I had done a bad job at communicating with my Spirit Club members.”

Originally, he had fully planned on holding the assembly on the scheduled date.

“When I first started here, we did not have a Spring Sports Assembly,” Keltner said. “I had asked why we did not have an assembly for spring sports, but we did in the fall and winter.

“I was told if I did not like it, I could become a Spirit Club sponsor. That’s how I started with that.”

Keltner said his hectic week caused a delay in communication to everyone needing to be involved in the assembly.

“I simply did not have the time to schedule everything,” Keltner said. “I am reaching out to the Spirit Club and we are planning on holding it next Thursday.”