Preparation essential for job interview process


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Punctuality, proper dress, body language and preparation are among the most important aspects in a job interview.

With summer fast approaching, students may be working on applying for summer jobs. With applications come interviews. Many students may have never experienced the formal interview process before.

Anxiety and negative feelings toward one’s first interview are common but are not necessary as long as the proper steps are taken to prepare.

According to the interview experts at, among the most important aspects of an interview is punctuality, “This is the first impression the employer gets, and if you’re late, it gives the impression that you don’t value the interviewer’s time. Even arriving five minutes late can lose you the job—we’re not kidding.”

It is suggested to arrive ten to 15 minutes early to prepare. It is also advised to plan a transportation route to the interview place prior to the date of the interview.

Donning the proper attire will also aid in first impressions. Snagajob suggests dressing casually—but not too casually. Khaki pants, collared shirts and tailored tops are preferred.

One aspect that may not cross many student’s minds when thinking of interviewing is that of body language.

As per Snagajob, it is important that “at the job interview, do your best to keep still, sit up straight and look the interviewer in the eyes. You want to appear calm and in control.”

Preparation is also key when it comes to job interviews—practice makes perfect. It is suggested to practice interview questions and answers so as to better prepare for the tough questions.

Nobody wants to be left with a blank stare when asked to “tell me a little something about yourself.” When asked such a question, the experts say it is best to keep answer brief and to-the-point, “focus on your skills, abilities and your interests. The interviewer wants to know about you and what your plans are for the present and the future.”