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AP Government students work on project.

AP Government students work on project.

Scout Perryman

Scout Perryman

AP Government students work on project.

Instructor Abby Gillan gives insight on AP Government

One class that seniors are required to take before they graduate is a government class. Seniors can choose to take either AP Government or Government.

If the course is successfully completed, students will be able to describe processes of U.S government, explain typical political processes, interpret basic data relevant to U.S. government and politics, and critically analyze theories and concepts.

AP and regular government don’t differ much in content. The main difference between the two is that AP Government is designed to be academically rigorous.

“The format and delivery of this course is similar to most introductory college level courses,” AP Government instructor Abby Gillan said. “I spend more time lecturing than I would like, but the greatest difference is content is not solely delivered through lecture.”

The nature of AP classes and getting students prepared for college translates to a lot of independent reading and study.

“I don’t think the independent work is unreasonable, but it is a lot of work,” AP Government student Cameron Karlin said.

In addition to lectures, independent study and note taking, students are expected to work on writing assignments and a couple of projects throughout the semester.

“Since the class is designed to be rigorous and more like a college course, the type of students taking this class should be those who want a challenge and are willing to be uncomfortable as they learn new skills,” Gillan said.

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