Center for Health Improvement hosts Dive In Movie


Allison Hillebrand

The public attends the movie while enjoying the comfort of a pool.

Physical health is a priority for the Center for Health Improvement, but they also encourage their members to relax and enjoy themselves.

This winter, all community members have been welcomed to join others, watch a movie and have a snack after.

The Center hosted a family event of watching “Boss Baby” on Jan. 26 at 6:15 p.m.

They previously held a movie night on Dec. 29 and will hold another on Feb. 23 to watch “Surf’s Up: Wave Mania.”

The audience of the movie also had the luxury of watching while in the pool at the Center for Health Improvement Aquatic Center.

All ages were admitted, as long as an adult was present, for a fee of $4.

Online registration for the upcoming movie night on Feb. 23 is available at