Many find Match-o-matics results to be fun, worth the price


For the past few days, STUCO has been selling iFlurtz results. The survey students filled out a few weeks ago were turned in and each person is given a list of their top matches, both male and female.

“They’re not a problem,” junior Taylor Vredenburg said. “It’s just something silly to do.”

Many students find the surveys to be amusing and a good thing for the school.

“They’re raising money for the school so that’s good,” freshman Skylar Weilert said.

Complete with celebrity matches, astrological matches, birthday matches and even most opposite matches, iFlurtz give students many examples of people they could possibly be compatible with.

“People don’t take them seriously,” freshman Faith Ewert said. “They just don’t find them very important.”

Whether or not the surveys are realistic, students continue to enjoy opening their results to see who iFlurtz thinks they match well with.

The results will be on sale outside of the cafeteria during lunch until Feb. 13. They cost $2.

“I think they’re fun,” senior Emily McPherson said. “They’re just a fun thing to do around Valentines’ day.”