Gay-Straight Alliance may not continue due to lack of participation


The fate of the Gay-Straight Alliance is currently undecided, but as of now, the sponsors of this club are not planning on continuing the group this year.

Psychologist and GSA sponsor Carrie Nassif said that at one point, the GSA caused much excitement and was mostly made of allies. Through the years, the number of students involved in this club has declined so drastically that sometimes only two or three people would show up to meetings.

“We don’t want to have meetings if people aren’t going to show up,” Nassif said.

Last year the club handed out bracelets to students who signed a pledge with many commitments concerning the treatment of LGBT students.

“The amount of people that signed the pledges had me hopeful that more people would be involved with the club,” Nassif said.

The group, however, continued to dwindle in numbers. Nassif said that she would still love to have a GSA if many students would get excited and ask for a meeting, and have the motivation to show up and participate.

Nassif said that she thinks that the GSA is a very important group to have in our school.

“It’s important to have a GSA because so many people are so in the dark about the LGBT community,” Nassif said. “The group and all the posters they make spread awareness and keeps the issues on the radar. Ideally, it can provide a sense of support for LGBT students and allies.”

Here is a link to the GSA’s Facebook page: